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PSAT Updates

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September 2016 – We are pleased to inform you that Prince George’s County Public Schools will be paying for all 8th-grade students to take the PSAT 8/9 this school year. The PSAT 8/9 will be offered during the week of December 5-9, 2016 and is part of a newly redesigned suite of assessments from the College Board. This assessment will support all students with early feedback on the skills and knowledge essential for college and career success,  in  conjunction  with  exposure to  new  test  questions  and  concepts.  All 8th grade students are required to take the PSAT 8/9.

Beginning Fall 2016, the PSAT 8/9 will also be used as part of the entrance criteria for the selection into high school specialty programs: Aerospace and Engineering at DuVal High School; Science and Technology at Charles H. Flowers High School, Oxon Hill High School, and Eleanor Roosevelt High School. By the middle of February students who meet eligibility requirements (based on test scores and academic grades) will be notified and will then be invited to apply to the program of their choice. Notification letters will be sent to student address on file. Parents and students are encouraged to respond as soon as possible upon receipt of the notice of eligibility. Students must follow the designated application procedure to seek enrollment.

Students who take the PSAT 8/9 will receive access to free personalized SAT study. Khan Academy has partnered with the College Board to offer a study plan that is designed specifically for each student based on his/her PSAT scores. With student/parent permission, Khan Academy will use their score results to create a study plan specifically designed for them.

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PSAT 8/9 is a way to encourage your child to start thinking about life after high school. We have attached some helpful resources related to the SAT Suite of Assessments. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Ms. LeKeisha Render, Test Development Specialist at